[global] Crisis & Design

Image Courtesy Changhak Choi

AGENCY partners Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller are contributors to a new publication by editor Changhak Choi.  Their essay, entitled Critical Conditioning | Managing Design in the Crisis Imaginary explores new roles for architects in the realm of crisis response.

From the publication and event organizers:

“[global] Crisis & Design ver.1.0: Living in the Crisis Era is an initiative of the Institute of Multidisciplinarityfor Art, Architecture and Design (IM) and the first of a series of exhibitions focusing on topics in contemporary design, aimed at raising public interest and dialogue. IM is an independent non‐profit organization that promotes advanced interaction in art, architecture, design, technology and other related disciplines in New York City. Founded in 2011, IM is dedicated to the speculative research and presentation of contemporary design practice, socio‐cultural issues, as well as to identify emerging talents in arts and the diverse design disciplines. IM activities include organizing exhibitions, publications andinternational competitions; project research and development; and developing an online project archive…

A book, [global] Crisis & Design ver.1.0, Anxiety and Desire, to be published in conjunction with the exhibition, contains a series of essays addressing the global crisis, as well as full statements from the exhibition contributors to further discuss their work. The publication offers yet another way of looking at the crisis that designers face, and documents the ways in which designers deal with the public concerns.  The book also reframes the question and definition of global crisis in context of various scale and angles of worldview.”

Stay tuned to the AGENCY blog for details on the book’s release and availability.