Cloudspace is a custom-fabricated spatial and optical device.

The project is a collaboration with artist Wendy Mark, installed at Jill Newhouse Gallery in New York City in 2014.

The installation intensifies the unexpected depth of space and light one is faced with upon encountering Mark’s cloud monotypes, translating and decontextualizing the artist’s clouds into a richly textured, multi-dimensional, optical and spatial manifold. The multi-directional mass-customized screen acts like a room-sized lenticular lens, capitalizing on generative digital design tools and fabrication technologies to create multiple new and complex readings of the screen, the viewer, and the gallery space, immersing the viewer in a specially constructed and choreographed environment.Viewers become complicit in the construction and deconstruction of spatial images as they move through the space, revealed through constantly shifting perforations, opacities, and reflections generated by different viewing angles.

The complex material assembly is derived from three different scalar interpretations of one of Mark’s monotypes, rendering the values of the work in three different degrees of resolution. Smooth transitions in the densities and dimensions of over 1200 voids between the panel and the painted gallery wall, and the figure of the fiberboard panels provide the first two interpretations. 650 pieces of mirrored stainless steel, inlaid in the panels at different angles activate, reflect and reveal these readings and add a third, that of the viewer and the gallery space captured in ever-changing figures of reflection, solid, and void.

The project expands on AGENCY’s history of collaborative work with artists and transformative architectural and interior projects, engaging emerging design and fabrication technologies, exploring resonances between digital processes and material artifacts shared in the architects’ work and the work of the artist.

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Cloudspace Elevation 4

Cloudspace | Elevation | Mirrored Stainless Steel

Cloudspace Elevation 3

Cloudspace | Elevation | Fiberboard Panel

Cloudspace Elevation 2

Cloudspace | Elevation | Voids

Cloudspace Elevation 1

Cloudspace | Elevation | Complete Installation