Mnemoscape explores memory and loss through poetic material assembly and constructive techniques.

The ‘mnemonic landscape’ is constructed of a delicate lace, a fragile and complex spatial matrix. The aleatoric nature of the landscape’s form finds pattern, specificity, and ambiguity in a richly ordered system, recalling natural structures from the realms of plant life, animal behavior, and geologic formations. The landscape revels in these dualities and contradictions- at once living and dead, chaotic and tamed, physical and virtual, urban and prehistoric.

This ‘landscape’ floats on a pool of water, swaying with each ripple, a sighing carcass full of memories of a lived life. Visitors can touch and interact with the water. A pensive lonely hand dipping in the cool liquid, or a group of happy children splashing its surface, activates the pool and the floating landscape -the white skeleton is in constant negotiation with its visitors and its environment.