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AGENCY in My Green City

AGENCY is a contributor to My Green City, a new book from Gestalten released this month. Follow the link to get a peek at some of the projects in the collection!

Elements of a Tactical Urbanism

AGENCY has completed research and project proposals for their upcoming book, entitled Elements of a Tactical Urbanism. Throughout the modernizing world there are marginalized populations, displaced by the rapidly expanding, productive circles of industrialized, and globalized society. Refugee camps, nomadic populations, social housing blocks, shanty towns, and entire cities in developing nations, invent ways to…

Nation Building Aesthetics

AGENCY has published Nation Building Aesthetics, available for purchase on Lulu. Nation Building Aesthetics is a research and analytical text exploring the recent urban and architectural history of Tirana, an emerging world capital in the rapidly developing nation of Albania. Drawing on first-hand experience of the urban environment and personal interviews with its residents and…