AGENCY’s speculative proposal for a new coastal urban infrastructure has been selected as a co-winner of the ONE PRIZE, an international design competition for creating productive green space in cities hosted by Terreform 1.

Our proposal, entitled Super Levee Urban Farm, orchestrates a networked ecology of indigenous and agricultural plant and wildlife to protect existing and emerging cities from the dangers of rising sea levels and water-borne disasters.  Each stage of the terraced levee supports the next.  Clippings, compost, and surplus crops from farming levels are used as nutrients and food for a series of fish farms, marshes, and restorative dune ecologies.  Waste from marine life and nutrients from algal habitats are then used to fertilize farm levels, making the levee a complete ecology.

Over 200 entries were submitted for the competition, with two winners, four finalists, and twenty-five semifinalists chosen from the field by a jury representing a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, including architectural, urban, landscape, and humanitarian design, public policy, business, experimental media, agriculture, and ecology.

Congratulations to our co-winners (a team comprised of members from the Thread Collective, finalists, and semi-finalists, for their exceptional and inspiring work, and well-deserved recognition.

Stay tuned to the AGENCY blog for project updates and further discussion.