Urbanism(s) | Sustainable Cities for One Planet

AGENCY partners Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller will present at Urbanism(s)-Sustainable Cities for One Planet, a symposium presented by Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, this Friday, November 9th.  AGENCY will present a lecture entitled “Inhabiting the Margin – A Social History of Informality”, as part of the Social Cities session, beginning at 3:30 pm.

The symposium marks the 50th anniversary of the Master of Urban Design Program in the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design at WUSTL.  Architect Thom Mayne will present the keynote lecture, with other speakers throughout the weekend event  including Teddy Cruz, Chris ReedKen Greenberg, Felipe Correa, Eric MumfordJohn HoalDarrick Borowski, and Shawn Rickenbacker.

From the organizer’s website:

‘The intent of the symposium is to discuss and debate the future of urban design education and practice in a rapidly urbanizing world—a world that is increasingly socially complex, economically integrated, and challenged by vast shifts in natural resources’.

For a full schedule of the symposium events, and to RSVP your participation, please see the organizer’s website here.