Selfie Wall

A Public Sphere for Private Data

Evolving Skyline

Scenic Typologies

Flash Installation

Occupied Infrastructure

Twenty One Feet

National De-escalation Training Center

Feral Federation

Post-National Constituencies


Material Residue of the Securocratic State


Securocratic Timeshares


Spatial Subversions

Cloud 9

Machinic Visions


Better Living Through Vacancy

Selfie Park

A Public Sphere for Private Celebrities

Skyfill Land Art Generator

A Productive Wastescape


Adaptive Institutions for an Uncertain Future

Super Levee Urban Farm

Climatological Confrontations

Elements of A Tactical Urbanism

A Toolkit For Emerging Development Scenarios

Nation Building Aesthetics

Superficial Urbanisms for the Developing World

Hackable Infrastructures

Protocols of Codependence for the Informal City

X Locus | Abluvion

Shifting Senses


Behavioral Media

30S (Thirty Seconds)

A Window Into Isolated Spaces of Production

Responsive Monument

Recalibrating Authority

Terraforming Pavilions

Coastal Acupuncture

Confluence Park

Linear Legacies

Parking Park

Learning Landscape in Low Density Corridor