AGENCY at Frugal Architecture Symposium in Malta

Informal Settlements in Mumbai

AGENCY has been invited to participate in the Frugal Architecture International Symposium this week in Malta.  The event gathers some of the world’s leading architects and creative thinkers to address the scarcity of resources in contemporary urban and rural environments.

Partners Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller will present a lecture entitled “Economies of Informality” on Thursday, June 2, and will participate in other events throughout the week, including an international design workshop.

Other participants in the symposium include:

Elena Barthel | Rural Studio, USA

Austin Camilleri | Artist, Malta

Franco La Cecla | Anthropologist and Architect, Italy

Nina Maritz | Nina Maritz Architects, Namibia

Luca Stasi | CTRL-Zeta Architects, Mexico, and

Sarah Wigglesworth | Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, UK

among others.

The event is organized by Architecture Project (Malta) and Abbate e Vigevano Architects (Italy).  A detailed description of the event is available from the Times of Malta, and an event programme is available for download from KTP.

Stay tuned to the AGENCY blog for updates.