Cloudspace Prototype

AGENCY has completed a prototype panel for their upcoming ‘Cloudspace‘ installation, which goes into final production this week.  The final piece will be shown at the October 1st opening of ‘Wendy Mark : Beginning at Square One” at Jill Newhouse Gallery in New York.  The custom-fabricated full-scale prototype is CNC-milled from MDF to accept inlaid pieces of mirrored stainless steel.  The installation amplifies, and renders material, AGENCY’s interpretations of implicit spatial and optical effects in Mark‘s work.  The patterning and angling of the steel, MDF, and the voids in the panel each contribute to the illusory depth and the reproduction of multi-scalar imagery in the final piece.  Below are photos and videos of the prototyping process.

Cloudspace_8 copyCloudspace_2 copyCloudspace_5 copy





Cloudspace_7 copy