‘Cloudspace’ Opening in NYC

AGENCY’s ‘Cloudspace’ opened this week at Jill Newhouse Gallery, as part of Wendy Mark‘s show entitled ‘Beginning With Square One’.  The custom-fabricated installation was displayed alongside a collection of new work by the artist, including several monotypes of clouds and dots evocative of miniature landscapes, which provided both intellectual and visual ‘source material’ for the wall-sized optical device.  ’Cloudspace’ endeavors to ‘scale up’ Wendy’s work into an immersive, spatial experience for the viewer and gallery visitor, referencing Mark’s imagery while adapting it to the human scale.

AGENCY developed the project in dialogue with Wendy over the last several years, teasing out aspects of our shared sensibilities and analogous material techniques in our modes of production.  The project will be on view at the gallery until November 14, 2014. Proceeds from the show benefit Studio in a School, an NYC organization bringing arts to underserved public schools.

Read more about the project on the AGENCY project page.